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Can I help?

Round two of the Stage Three restrictions has impacted on us all differently and many people in our community are asking if there are local ways that they can help? The answer is - yes, there are.

Photo taken prior to new restrictions regarding wearing masks. Deliveries every Tuesday.

Deliver someone a Meal - Open House

Shout someone a meal by buying a 'Together' meal with our Open House Delivery program. Once upon a time our volunteers made dinners to share around the table at the Town Hall each Tuesday. Now we deliver meals direct to people's doors.

Recently locals have been pre-purchasing meals (via a simple bank transfer - see below) and asking us to donate them to people who would benefit from knowing we are in this 'Together'. These extra deliveries are a great, safe way for us to keep in touch with people and check that they are doing ok.

Sort your Pantry

Food shortages is less of a problem this time round, but for many, empty wallets are a real issue. People have tapped into their savings or superannuation, caught up on bills and now things are tight. Many people don't ask for help. But they will drive by the #FoodisFree stand at Clunes Neighbourhood House or check out the Street Library under the verandah at the front.

So why not add your excess (and in date please) pantry items to the #FoodisFree stand? Or your used DVD's, books or board games to the Street Library? It's a simple thing to do, but to the person on the receiving end, it can mean the world.

Buy Local

The businesses in our town are all family owned. It's hard to front up each day, still smiling under a mask and taking the gamble that you'll get enough business through the door to recoup the money you spent ensuring you'd have product ready and available. Each coffee, loaf of bread, haircut, newspaper, medication, petrol, takeaway dinner, apple, bottle of wine or toilet roll that you buy locally - counts.

Sharing what you have, and spending what you can carefully, are simple ways to help. But if these aren't options, just a muffled 'Good afternoon' and a waggle of the eyebrows over your mask (as you pass someone from a safe distance) can go a hell of a long way!

Interested in pre-purchasing a 'Together' meal to be delivered via our Open House Delivery program? It's easy. Meals are $7 per adult. Simply make a deposit to: Name: Clunes Neighbourhood House Inc. BSB: 633-000 Account Number: 146260427. Include your email address in the Description so we can send you a receipt.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort

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Fantastic work !! Congratulations , I knew Mel Drummond had to be behind these creations . They’re inspiring , fun and guaranteed to lift our spirits !!

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