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Christmas Lights - Winners!!!!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This year it's taken a bit for all of us to get our heads around Christmas. But that hasn't stopped people pulling out the tinsel, untangling the lights and getting creative with their front gates and letterboxes. In fact, with more that 20 entries in the Clunes "Let your Lights Shine" Christmas competition, located in town and beyond it's pretty clear that no one is shy about "Letting their lights shine" in our town!!

Photos supplied by Ann Jeffree. These are just a few of the entries.

Our guest judge, ABC Broadcast journalist, Nicole Chvastek, had her work cut out for her. But don't worry. She had so much fun that she's already put her hand up to help us again next year! I could tell you more, but I can hear you all (even down the 'line') saying, "Enough chatter. Cut to the chase. Who are the winners??!!!"

The Winners are...

We had three categories to keep it simple - and country. But we may have got a bit carried away. Here goes...

*Best House Lights Half Day Winery Tour for 4 @ $360 plus $200 in local business vouchers

Congratulations 5 Fawcett Drive. Expansive, impressive, amazing. But beware, the competition was pretty fierce!

*Best Gate $200 Widow Twankeys Hamper

Congratulations 24 Bute Close. Fabulous country bling.

*Best Letterbox - '$100 Lambleys Nursery voucher

Congratulations 285 Kierces Road. Such fun.

But wait - there are more! It's Christmas so if we don't want to stick to just three categories, we don't have to. Here are a few extra special 'honorable mentions'.

  • The Christmas tree at 6 Victoria St is a masterpiece. We have some chocolates for you!

  • Both houses side by side in Beckwith St (16 and 18) are stunning and deserve an honorable mention. Yep, we have some chocolates for you too!

  • The house at 114 Fairview Road has been a great hit with the kids, so it get's a special 'Kids Choice' mention, winning a Trike valued at $120 and a $100 Bunnings voucher.

All these prizes can be collected from Neighbourhood House (with Andrew Brown in the main building) between 10am - 3pm Monday to Thursday.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort.

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1 commentaire

thank you all for loving our lights at Fawcett drive. this is our 1st Christmas in Clunes and have wonderful neighbours and met loving locals.. hope next year we bring the town again joy.. Leanne & Ben

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