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An Age to Celebrate

COVID-19 has seen many of us very aware of our vulnerability - irrespective of age. But there has been a big emphasis on those older members of our community.

Photo: By Ann Jeffree - Photographer for this Project

Age might mean our older residents are more vulnerable, but the way in which people have weathered the last few months only highlights that being vulnerable certainly doesn’t mean not capable or resilient – and we want to celebrate that.

Through photographic portraits, Laughter Lines seeks to capture the strength and humour that we all draw on to get through hard times. Strength and humour that is often visible in the lines on our face.

Portraits will be featured in an outdoor exhibition at Clunes Neighbourhood House in August 2020. Over 60 and interested? Call 0422726132 or email to register for a free portrait.

To keep people safe, our photographer will come to you. Those participating will receive a free portrait to keep.

*This project is a collaboration between Clunes Neighbourhood House and the Clunes PROBUS Club.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort

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