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Transport Ideas

It will come as no surprise that the ability to drive or use transport to get around is one of the top priorities for people as they get older. This concern is even higher in rural areas like Clunes where access to public transport or taxi services is limited at best.

Photo by Patrick on Unsplash

Living and ageing well at home means being able to get to social activities, do shopping, go to appointments, volunteer and/or work - and just generally live your life. But it’s hard when your health deteriorates, you don’t have access to a car, you lose your partner and don’t drive, or countless other reasons.

One feature of the 'Living and Ageing Well in Hepburn' project that has recently been funded in Clunes by the Western Victoria Primary Health Network under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks program, is the development and trialing of a transport service.

We know this service will include access to a bus (thank you Central Highlands Rural Health) to support activities for older people; but we think it could have other applications. It might help people get from A to B throughout the course of their day? It might link people to the medical appointment car offered by the health service? It might involve volunteers or could possibly be developed so it’s a sustainable venture after the funding? Who knows?

Help us design this service. Pop into BOOM (while Neighbourhood House is still undergoing building works!) to have a chat before the 30th August; or click here to complete a short survey.

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