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Modelling Works

Social capital is created in many different ways, but often simply demonstrating it in action is the best way for people to see how it can work and how it might impact them.

Over recent weeks the Tidy Collective have been working with a team of young people who've been leading a response to the food insecurity and waste issues that are central to a #FoodisFree program in our town.

This weekend they met again to put the finishing touches on the #FoodisFree stand they've designed. Utilising recycled materials from the Creswick Transfer station and incorporating many of the needs raised in their earlier conversation with the community, their design includes a nod to the history of the space where it will be located, as well as the use of a living wall garden to add to insulation.

This project is a real example of how everyone in our community can use their skills and creativity to respond to issues that impact us all, and as a result, leave us all stronger.

Note: Earthworks will be happening shortly in the grounds of Clunes Neighbourhood and then construction will begin on the #FoodisFree stand.

Acknowledgement:  This project is generously funded by the State of Victoria through Emergency Recovery Victoria’s grant program in response to the Floods which impacted Victorian communities in 2022. 

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