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Lana de Kort

Manager, Clunes Neighbourhood Place

I've always found regional Australia to be a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. It's where I, along with many other leaders, have chosen to make a significant impact by stepping away from the corporate and city life. Over the years, this migration has included a significant number of women. The latest McKinsey 'Women at Work' report highlights that many of these women left their previous employers due to issues such as poor workplace flexibility, lack of opportunities for advancement, or a sense of meaninglessness in their work. Alternatively, some of us chose to move to rural areas for the betterment of ourselves and our loved ones.

Lana de Kort

Extract from "Fertile Ground: How regional Australia offers a place for entrepreneurs and leaders," Sintezo: A briefing on complexity, resilience, interdisciplinarity and ideas, 4/2023, pp. 46-49.

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