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One in three people who volunteered prior to COVID no longer volunteer. Nationally, Volunteer Australia estimate that this translates into a loss of 12.2 million hours a week. 

Here in Clunes, we might not be talking about millions of hours a week, but many community groups are definitely talking about reduced capacity. On the flip side, people keen to reconnect with the community and get involved are reaching out and groups don’t necessarily know how to take advantage of that. All the ‘jobs’ community groups used to do are often up in the air, and it seems hard to welcome a new volunteer into the fold when you don’t know what you are welcoming them into.

Fortunately in Clunes we aren’t shy about tackling challenges differently. At Clunes Neighbourhood House we’ve worked with partners to come up two new ways for people to connect with community. 

Why not give volunteering a try?

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