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Volunteer Positions

The Clunes Neighbourhood House Inc (CNH) is an incorporated, not-for-profit association managed by a community Committee of Management (COM). It provides opportunities for lifelong learning, community engagement and supports initiatives for residents of Clunes and surrounding districts. One way to learn and grow is to become a volunteer. Check out our volunteer positions here by clicking underlined text or the icon beside the position to access a position description for that role. If the position you're interested in is already filled, there may still be opportunities for you to volunteer in a similar capacity.


Volunteer in the shop at BOOM!

Image by Kevin McCutcheon
Food Photography

Cook up the good vibes with Open House Meals

Cooking for others is an act of generosity and kindness. Spread your gifts further by joining our team.

If you enjoy meal preparation and cooking and would like to work with other like-minded souls cooking up delicious meals for our highly successful Open House Meals program, register now!

Deliver happiness on a plate

Beautiful views, no traffic lights - you've gotta love driving around Clunes. Add all the smiles you'll catch when you turn up with a delicious Open House Meal, and you have three good reasons for volunteering as a Meal Delivery Driver:

  • A good excuse to get behind the wheel and sing 'On the Road Again' - Willie Nelson style.

  • See Mt Beckworth in the morning light!

  • Make someone's day by delivering a delicious wholesome meal.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Put your excellent communication skills to good use!

You need superior writing and interpersonal skills and competence online for these roles, which involve promoting community events and opportunities and updating our websites.

This position has been filled

This position has been filled

Outdoors Yoga Class

Ageing well is an art
our wellness officer truly appreciates

The Ageing Well Officer is a voluntary position rostered to assist Clunes Neighbourhood House in supporting the community to maintain, sustain and evolve positive ageing activities and strategies within Clunes.

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