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Clunes has an active and involved community that are responsible for many of the activities and events held in this town.  Often these activities are supported by Clunes Neighbourhood House including:

  • Attitude: Ageing Well in Clunes (target market 60+ years)

  • Men's Shed

  • Friends of the Free Lending Library

Other activities are initiatives of Clunes Neighbourhood House to address a gap in the community, or an opportunity.  These activities include:

Not everyone has a smart phone or the internet, so we promote our events and activities in a range of different ways.  There are also different ways you can book into them. 


This includes:

  • Face to Face – visit BOOM Clunes, 28 Fraser Street on Friday or Saturday.  Open 10am til 3pm.

  • Phone – call 5345 4078 on Monday to Thursday, 9am til 3pm.

  • Online – click on any of the links above or visit BOOM Clunes website where they are all included in the online store

Photograph: local young people who were involved in a two year youth/arts project in partnership with local creatives Asking for Trouble called Art Attack.

Boredom Busters



We know that running activities and events involves a lot of effort, talent, and enthusiasm.  We also know that they enrich people’s lives, create social connections, help people learn or share skills and help you feel a part of the community you live in.  For that reason, we provide as much support as possible to people to help them run their activities.  Here are 4 simple steps involved in running activities or events with the support of Clunes Neighbourhood House.

  1. Don’t know if your event or activity is something that Clunes Neighbourhood House could help with?  Contact our office Monday – Thursday, 9am til 3pm on 5345 4078 or email and ask.  If you look at About Us you will see why we are in business, and what we are trying to support in our community.

  2. Proposed Event Details Form – simply click on this form to tell us what you’d like to do.  By answering the questions we know what support you need, and we’ll organise a team of (mostly volunteers) to help you.

  3. OHS Incident Report – sometimes (hopefully not) a first aid or safety issue happens at your activity or event.  You’ll need to fill out this form and call 5345 4078.  [When you plan your event we will talk to you about handling these sorts of issues, so you have prepared in advance]

  4. Event Feedback Form – simply click on this form to provide us with post event feedback.  This includes how many people attended your event, and any other feedback you’d like to share that will help us celebrate what you have done, improve support or facilities or just build a profile of all the activity we offer in town, and the people who attend them.


If in doubt, always call 5345 4078 Monday to Thursday, 9am til 3pm to ask for assistance.  We can help you complete these forms face to face or over the phone.

Our Other Activities

Adapting to COVID-Normal...


Each week, prior to the pandemic Clunes Neighbourhood House connected with more than 500 people who participated in our activities.  That represents nearly a quarter of our population (although some of those people might be the same person engaging in multiple activities but hey, let's not ruin a great statistic lol!). 


These activities included a twice weekly circus program for young people, Open House dinners prepared by volunteers for between 30 - 50 people each Tuesday, two mornings at the Men's Shed, two mornings in the Community Garden, social bus trips, tutoring for young people and yoga classes.  In addition, we supported monthly Writer's Group meetings, Qi Gong on a Sunday, Clunes Trekkers walks in town and around, and the Clunes Artist Group.  Annually, we also co-ordinated Christmas in Clunes - a month long festival celebrating Christmas.

COVID-19 meant we needed to pivot and think differently about how we could meet the needs and aspirations of our community.   Looking at our approach to programming through a COVID-19 lens helped us begin this process.  It's allowed us to find new ways to re-activate many of these activities.  As a result, we now have a program of activities that can expand and contract as restrictions tighten or ease.  Tackling the issues associated with running community activities during a pandemic has been a real challenge, but also an opportunity.  By working closely with as many of the informal and formal groups in Clunes, we have been able to address issues together.  

Walk The Talk
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