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Our Approach to Programming

At Clunes Neighbourhood House, our vision is for a community that cares for its people and place. To do this, we deliver a range of programs. Given the diverse socio-economic nature of our population and the fact that we are a town that has traditionally had active community groups, we've focused on those sections not typically represented while also supporting the resilience of existing groups.  


Our core programs typically focus on the first, second and third levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs – physiological needs, safety and belonging needs – by  

nurturing activities supporting health and safety, and by wrapping community care offerings around each. 


Belonging is important for everyone, that’s why our activities are designed to build connection. Strengthening connections across our town is vital to rebuild resilience and capacity in Clunes. 


Esteem and self-actualisation are also important for individuals and communities. Self-actualisation is about being able to do the things that you feel to be important to who you are and what you’re about. Typically, we've sought to address these needs through major events or gatherings. Collaborating with other groups in towns can strengthen ties with people in the community, creating a vital foundation for cohesion. 


Future-proofing Projects

Clunes is a community with more than its fair share of socio-economic disadvantage. But we are also a community with innovation in our DNA. Demonstrating our ability to effectively pivot to meet community needs has benefited our organisation and those we support. We’ve led by example by showing others what is possible. 


Supporting Growth
in our community

Originally conceived by the community in 2017, in 2021, we established a start-up social enterprise that helps our town tip a bust towards a BOOM by 

- establishing a diverse, circular economy-based business that includes retail, business centre (co-working and serviced offices) and learning opportunities 

- Enabling an active arts and culture community by connecting local and visiting artists to and community 


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