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Neighbourhood Carers Club

Nearly 250 people in our community are paid carers for someone important in their life - a child, partner, parent or friend.  That number would only grow if you added in the number of people who are unpaid carers.

Caring for another is a huge undertaking at the best of times.  Finding a space to catch your breath and supports to build up your reserves can be hard, especially in rural towns.  That is why we've launched the Neighbourhood Carers Club in Clunes.

Register now and receive:

  • VIP Pass

  • Invitations meet experts and agencies able to offer support

  • Free coffee!

  • Assisted registration to state and federal networks including Carers Victoria and Neighbourhood Victoria's Carers Club

This project, including the development of the parlour and the weekly club is funded by the State Government of Victoria, Connecting Carer’s Support Program 2023.

Victoria State Government
Just a few of the events coming up at our Neighbourhood Carers Club:

Launch:  Tuesday, 19th March at 10am featuring Sue-Ellen Cooke, Senior Community Recovery Officer, Hepburn Shire Council – “What’s your plan, when things don’t go to plan?”

The Clunes Neighbourhood Carers Club hosts a morning tea fortnightly on Thursdays between 10am - 11.30am at in the Parlour (commencing after Easter - first meeting is Thursday, 4th April).  No need to register.  Drop ins welcome :).


Fortnightly guest speakers are also scheduled.  As our club expands we'll continue to

get your input on who

you would like to hear

from, or connect with.  

Picture:  The restored

Parlour at Clunes 

Neighbourhood House.

This is a dedicated

space for carers to catch

their breath.

Parlour at Clunes Neighbourhood House

Caring People

Joining together

Caring for others can be lonely, often exhausting and certainly challenging.  It is not a role anyone plans on undertaking, and we don't always know what we need to know or where to get help.  It's trickier still in country areas, where our circumstances mean that supports are not as straight forward as they might be in the city.  Connecting with others in similiar circumstances means we can share knowledge, bring experts to us and work out what supports would best help us, as we care for those we love.  

The partners we are working with to help support us do this include:

Neighbourhood Carer's Club
CarersVIC Australia
Central Highlands Rural Health Logo
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