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Volunteering Matters

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Clunes has always been a community with high volunteering rates.  Like many small towns, Clunes has diverse socio-economic needs and volunteering has been a way for people to connect, belong, gain skills and ultimately, make a difference.


The pandemic has presented many challenges. But it has also brought opportunities.  It has focused us all on what is important - helping us care for ourselves and our neighbours.


Make a difference by volunteering

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There’s still work to do. Meeting community needs and securing our town's continuing strength and vitality depends upon many individuals working together—often as volunteers. 


1 in 3 people who used to volunteer before the pandemic no longer participate. COVID has changed the way we do things in many instances, including volunteering. Fortunately, in Clunes, we aren’t shy about tackling challenges differently. 

The magic lies in the relationship that is formed to ensure that each volunteer and the organisation find mutual benefit.  For many, if this is formed well, it marks a relationship that can extend for years.

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The impact people have on their community through volunteering has always mattered, but the last few years have highlighted to us all, just how important volunteering is for our community – as well as for ourselves.

This is a wonderful time for you to get involved. By volunteering, you will be making a difference in the lives of those you support through your work, those you volunteer with, and—what’s just as important—you’ll be making a positive impact in your own life too. 

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