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Our Work

Clunes Neighbourhood House has launched and become involved in many projects and activities over the years - each one designed around our core values, mission, and vision of caring for people and place. Below are some examples.

Have You Thought About...?

Living & Ageing Well in Hepburn

June 2023 - June 2024

Funded by the Western Victoria Primary Health Network, with Clunes Neighbourhood House in partnership with Central Highlands Rural Health and Attitude: Ageing well in Clunes. 

Watch this space to learn more.

A little creative thinking was needed when we were unable to run our regular weekly open house dinners at the town hall under COVID restrictions. The solution was to deliver the meals. The program was so successful, we were soon delivering upwards of 80 meals a week. Inspired by this success, the school lunches program began in 2023 and has been equally successful.

Open House Meals
Unbreakable Farmer

The Unbreakable

We invited 30 small business owners and farmers to take 2 hours out of their day on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023, to talk about maintaining mental wellbeing over lunch at the pub with us and Warren Davies, the Unbreakable Farmer. 

We asked the people of Clunes what they needed in terms of transport to help them maintain their wellbeing and feel socially connected. Click the title above to learn more.

Transport Survey Clunes
Attitude meeting

Clunes Neighbourhood House supports this collective of local groups and activities by providing them with resources like the venue at 25 Fraser Street, governance (compliance, insurance and maintenance), and a website. Learn more about Attitude as a collective. Read the Prospectus. Check out the activities

Christmas in Clunes is about coming together as a community. Early in December, Clunes Neighbourhood House gets the Christmas spirit happening. Read about past events here. Click the title above to learn more.

 Street Parade
Kid Entrepreneurs

In May 2022, Clunes kids did a roaring trade in the Kids Village at Booktown.  A team of show bag entrepreneurs sold show bags full of comic, picture books and teenage fiction.  A budding cartoonist sold his own self-published comics.  Next to him secondhand traders popped up re-homing their favourite books. Click the title above to learn more.

Click the title above to learn more.

Weight off my shoulders
Attitude: Ageing well in Clunes

Click the title above to learn more.

Laughter Lines

Click the title above to learn more.


Click the title above to learn more.

Click the title above to learn more.

Clunes Town Walks
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