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Christmas in Clunes - a celebration first started in 2016

Christmas lights
                         Fun, frivolity and festivities in Clunes in 2023

​Christmas is a time for coming together, celebrating with friends and family, and just generally having a good time with each other.  It’s an opportunity to step out of the day-to-day grind and to go a little silly, but in a good way. Since 2016, the Clunes community has turned the spirit of Christmas into an opportunity to showcase our little town and celebrate all that we love about it.  It’s an end of year party where everyone is welcome, and everyone has a chance to get involved.

Our 'end of year' party has typically involved a Parade. 2023 will be celebrated at Collins Place with a sit-down dinner or picnic


Clunes is a town that loves a good parade.  If you haven’t seen the photographs in the Clunes Museum of parades-of-old, then you should.  It seems like the people of this town have always had flair, a wicked sense of humour and an appreciation of community.  The 2022 parade was no exception.  Celebrated during the same week as International Volunteer Day (5th December), the Christmas Parade showcased many of the volunteer-involving groups in Clunes - see if you can spot a few in the photos!  This recognition of volunteers was part of the Clunes Volunteering Local project; funded by the Victorian State Government, supported by the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal.  The Christmas in Clunes festivities were also aided by Hepburn Shire Council, the Clunes Tourist & Development Association and Belle Property Group.

See all the People Involved - many of them volunteers!  

Photographs - and more photographs!  We've got nearly 200 happy snaps from the parade.  See if you can find yourself, loved ones or groups you volunteer with folder.  Feel free to download them as a memento*.

After the years we've had impacted by COVID, the joy of coming together as a community is palpable.  You can see it in every image.  Volunteering is one way that people have formed these connections and found joy in the town in which they live. 


If you want to be more involved in your community in 2023, why not visit to find out more about what is on offer in Clunes.  

Let your light/s Shine

There is something fabulous about setting up Christmas lights at home – or on your mailbox or front gate!  Register your lights in Clunes ‘Let your Light/s Shine’ competition and add your location to Map at so others can enjoy your display. Better yet, all registrations go into the competition to win cash prizes and vouchers.  A great excuse to let your Christmas lights shine as loud as you like!


Clunes streetscape is like a stage just waiting to be set, and every Christmas a team of volunteers has gone to great efforts to show off our town.   


A huge thanks this year to Vik, Dayle, Peter, Eden, Liam, Leah, Emily, Deb, Sam, David, Neil and David.

*If downloading photographs, we ask you to please be respectful.  While photographs taken at public events are not restricted, if there is a photograph here of you or your loved ones that you'd like us to remove please don't hesitate to contact

Getting ready to decorate
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