About Us

Clunes Neighbourhood House is a community led organisation, with more than double the number of volunteers involved in it’s operations each week, compared to the state average. Working with local people, businesses and other community groups, our goal is to contribute to the liveability of Clunes by supporting everyone to be an active part of the neighbourhood.

Prior to COVID-19 we connected with more than 500 people in our community every week.  That's huge in a little town like Clunes.  We operated out of 6 different locations around Clunes.  Now we are working from home, and hope you are home too.  


Despite COVID-19, simple and creative ways of keeping connected, doing what we love differently, looking after each other and planning for the future are popping up fast.  Clunes should be proud of our ability to adapt and keep an eye out for each other.  Our new normal is becoming clearer, and what that normal looks like for each of us will be different. 


As the situation shifts day to day, Clunes Neighbourhood House volunteers have focused on maintaining existing services, supporting community-led responses, keeping in touch with services - particularly those offering local people support, and developing options for people to still connect in different ways.  These include:



Soon we hope to also offer online learning so people can upskill while they are at home, as well as some nifty group chat options for small groups who'd love to still connect in a safe way.

Sometimes crisis triggers the genius within.

- Bernard Kelvin Clive

Our Mission

At Clunes Neighbourhood House we engage with our local neighbourhood in developing a diverse range of opportunities that serve to connect and strengthen our community. 


This has been why we do what we do for many years, but now more than ever, it’s vitally important. 


With our office and face to face activities temporarily closed to help people stay at home and safe, we are finding new ways to reach out, share moments, support each other and build strength. 


View our full strategic plan here.


Our Vision

A community actively caring for its people and place.

Evidence that Clunes has long been a community that cares exists all around us.  It is part of the reason why our community has rallied together so quickly in response to the threat of COVID-19.

This capacity to listen to others, remain connected and problem solve is what will help us get through this.  Already we are seeing great ideas popping up that may well help us rebuild our community and economy, but first, we are focusing on looking after people right now.


Clunes life may be a bit different now, and it may be a bit different in the future, but it will always be a community that just get's on with the job of caring for it's neighbours and our town.


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