About Us

Clunes Neighbourhood House is a community led organisation, with more than double the number of volunteers involved in it’s operations each week, compared to the state average. Working with local people, businesses and other community groups, our goal is to contribute to the liveability of Clunes by supporting everyone to be an active part of the neighbourhood.

While Neighbourhood Houses across the country all look very different, the basic principles that underpin how a House works with their community are the same. Each House starts with the assumption that communities have existing strengths and assets that make them part of the solution – and then we approach what we do by “doing with, rather than doing for.” Learn more about Neighbourhood Houses.


Clunes Neighbourhood House was formally founded in 1992 (after operating informally prior to then) and incorporated in 2007 by local people seeking to provide community development opportunities that would lessen social isolation and foster inclusion.​  We are a membership based organisation, with individual and organisational members.  Our role is to support our neighbourhood; working with individuals, businesses and community groups in Clunes.


We operate on a three year strategic planning style to enable us to have the time to work together to co-design and embed outcomes across the community.

​Download our current strategic plan.  How did we get to this place?  Download our 2018-2021 plan and 2016-2018 plan to see the journey we've travelled.


Clunes Neighbourhood House employs a Manager and part-time Co-ordinator.  All other team members are volunteers.

In 2017, we partnered with Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre and the Victorian State Government to undertake a series of research studies with local businesses to better understand the aspirational, educational and employability needs of our community.

  • Hepburn Skill Store CLUNES Report: research that informed our multi-level, multi-stakeholder approach to supporting the aspirations, participation and employability of people in Clunes.  Since then we've used these learnings to build capability - piece by piece - in order to create the foundations for future proofing projects that address the deficiency needs evident in Maslow's hierarchy of needs and instead enable people to focus on growth needs.

Sometimes crisis triggers the genius within.

- Bernard Kelvin Clive

Our Mission

At Clunes Neighbourhood House we engage with our local neighbourhood in developing a diverse range of opportunities that serve to connect and strengthen our community. 


This has been why we do what we do for many years, but now more than ever, it’s vitally important. 


COVID-19 has meant that we have adapted old ways of operating in order to safely reach out, share moments, support each other and build strength.  In the process we have become a stronger community.


View our full strategic plan here.

Click here to for the local groups that we partner with.


Our Vision

A community actively caring for its people and place.

Evidence that Clunes has long been a community that cares exists all around us.  It is part of the reason why our community has rallied together so quickly in response to the threat of COVID-19.

This capacity to listen to others, remain connected and problem solve is what will help us get through this.  Already we are seeing great ideas popping up that may well help us rebuild our community and economy.


Clunes life may be a bit different now, and it may be a bit different in the future, but it will always be a community that just get's on with the job of caring for it's neighbours and our town.


Click here to find out about our Approach to Programming  – through a COVID-19 lens

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