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Discover how Clunes Neighbourhood House supports local groups and activities.

Clunes holds many events and activities that enrich lives, foster belonging and in some cases, are just plain fun!  Many of these are supported by Clunes Neighbourhood House, but run and led by local people or informal groups.  

How Does This Work?

Community-led activities: these activities are led by driven individuals (or groups of individuals) as programs of Clunes Neighbourhood House.  This means that their activities are promoted by us via our marketing channels and booking system, are covered by our insurance, and in some cases are underwritten by financial support.  The leaders of these activities are volunteers of Clunes Neighbourhood House and are governed by our policies and procedures.  These activities align with our vision of a community actively caring for all people and place and utilise our event management processes to run activities.

The Clunes Artist Group is an example of a community-led activity that operates out of the Attitude building twice a week (see our Activities page).  

This approach suits individuals keen to share their skills or interests with like-minded people without the bureaucracy that comes with being an incorporated organisation.   To do this in a way where risks are safely managed and all feel welcome, a few simple procedures apply:

Regular Activities - an event/activity form needs to be filled out for administrative, marketing and insurance purposes.  If this form is not filled out, then the activity is not covered by our insurance.  This form identifies if an additional risk management form needs to be completed.  If it does, Clunes Neighbourhood House will complete this additional risk form with you face to face or online.  For events involving vulnerable people including children, and/or venues where we do not have an existing OHS risk plan, this form is likely to be required.  If your activities are regular and don't change in nature you only need to fill this form out once.  If details change, this form needs to be updated by filling this form out again.

Special Events/Activities - an event/activity form needs to be filled out for administrative, marketing and insurance purposes.   If this form is not filled out, then the activity is not covered by our insurance.

Sometimes if photographs or film is to be taken as part of an activity that is not a public event (ie it's just your group's activity), permission is required.  All people in any photography or footage need to sign a release form.  You can download and print copies of this form to have available in hardcopy for people to sign, or people can just complete the form online via your computer or phone.  If you are taking up close up photos of people, even at public events, then it's best practice to obtain their permission.

In addition, all volunteers leading community-led activities must be registered volunteers with Clunes Neighbourhood House.  Volunteer registration forms can be completed online here and will be accompanied by an induction so that you are aware of our policies and procedures.  Welcome to the team!


Auspiced Groups:  where informal or unincorporated groups wish to have a separate and distinct brand and/or agency separate from the operations of Clunes Neighbourhood House, auspicing may be an option.   Clunes Neighbourhood House will auspice activities that fall within our constituted purposes, or where activities are not specifically stated within the stated purposes of our organisation, but we are satisfied that they in no way detract or subvert from the constituted purposes of our organisation.  This relationship is managed via a formal auspice agreement. 

The template Clunes Neighbourhood House uses for auspice agreements has been developed by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria to ensure that it safely addresses all the risks and opportunities applicable for Neighbourhood Houses and the communities they work with.


The Clunes Men's Shed is an auspice partner with Clunes Neighbourhood House.  The Men's Shed meets regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 10 AM and 12 PM at 18 Alliance Street.


Other Models?

Community-led activities that become more complex and formal might transition to auspiced models, seek to incorporate or explore other models.  

Attitude: Ageing Well in Clunes is an example of this.  Currently operating as a community-led activity, Attitude is a civic movement that found strength through the collaboration of many informal groups whose ready use of the shared space at 25 Fraser Steet highlighted the need for good programming for people 60+.  As part of a funded project (Living and Ageing Well in Hepburn), Attitude is exploring what structure works best for movements like them.  You can find out more about Attitude by visiting the website


Ageing well in Clunes 
25 Fraser Street, Clunes 
Ageing Well Report Image.png

Attitude - Ageing Well in Clunes is a community-led activity that provides a range of social, intellectual and physical activities for people 60+ years, although all ages are welcome.  

Launched during COVID, Attitude was sparked by the dissolution of the Senior Citizens' Club, whose governance responsibilities had become so demanding that those involved with the Club could no longer run a full program of activities. A different way of doing things was needed. Working together as a community, Attitude: Ageing Well in Clunes has become a hub of community engagement and friendship through the collective of groups that use the space.  Read the Prospectus.


Attitude is a timely and practical example of how people are responding to the issues of ageing well in their local communities in this country and around the world (read a report by the Commissioner of Senior Victorians that tackles ageing well head-on). As you read this report, you'll find out more about why what we are supporting at Attitude is creating a core of capability in this town around ageing well.   


Attitude aimed to operate like a Men's Shed, although because it involves so many other community-led activities or informal groups operating at 25 Fraser Street, the model is more complex.  The Program is determined by people interested in running activities or events, utilising a building that Clunes Neighbourhood House leases from Hepburn Shire Council.  At Attitude, a regular working bee (date published in the Program) meets each quarter to develop the next Program of activities. Anyone interested is welcome to join the Attitude Working Party by emailing

Men's Shed

18 Alliance Street

The Clunes Men's Shed is an important place for men to work and socialise. 


Pop down to Alliance Street between 10 AM and 12 NOON on just about any Monday, Wednesday or Friday and you'll receive a warm welcome.

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