Attitude - Ageing Well in Clunes

Attitude is a human-centred, community led response to the health and wellbeing needs of 60+ people in Clunes. 


Launched during COVID, Attitude was sparked by the dissolution of the Senior Citizens' Club.  The governance responsibilities of the Senior Citizens' Club had gradually eroded their capacity to run a full program of activities.  Yet, more than 23% of our population are 60 years or older, so the need for social interaction, mental stimulation, health activities and wellbeing programs is high.  Clearly a different way of doing things was needed, so Attitude - Ageing Well in Clunes was born.

Offering weekly program of activities, Attitude will bring new life to the purpose built Senior Citizens' Centre and pave the way for a new, sustainable approach to positive ageing.

Read more about how Attitude - Ageing Well in Clunes evolved:

Prospectus 2020

Attitude is an activity group that is self-determined by the target market it is supporting.  Clunes is a unique community.  With more than 40 active community groups we an active town with the ability and desire to organise people and resources to help explore those interests. 

Attitude plans to leverage and support that for older people in our community - providing a place, space and support to operate those activities as part of a calendar of events and activities at the old Senior Citizens' Centre in Fraser Street, Clunes.

Why?  Because the Senior Citizens' Centre is a purpose built facility with all the access needed to make it easier for older people to join in activities that interest them.  The building has disability access, indoor toilets and a working kitchen; as well as meeting rooms suitable for a whole range of social, intellectual, physical and artistic pursuits.

A full program of summer activities is currently  being collated.  It includes existing activities such as the weekly Clunes Artist Group, the monthly Writers Group and Yoga.  But it will also include a lot more - from Strength classes to Chess to Wine Appreciation!

How does Attitude work?

Call Lois Nicholls - Attitude Co-ordinator on 0467 331 136. 


Lois assists with venue bookings and COVID requirements, promotion (in collaboration) of activities and Attitude membership. 


Attitude - Ageing Well in Clunes has a working group who put up their hand at a community meeting in September to help structure Attitude and develop a combined calendar of activities. 


Many of the activities included on this calendar are operated or contributed by other informal or formal groups in Clunes - such as the Clunes Artist Group for example.

Attitude aims to be a membership based group, providing free membership to people who are 60+.  Structure around that is currently being formalised, but the intent is similar to a Men's Shed model.  In a Men's Shed they often have a co-ordinator who liaises with the auspice body.  Each year they have a budget which is published on the Shed notice board, along with any key plans for the year.  Big variations are discussed at regular informal meetings and notes added to the notice board in case people didn't attend the meeting and would still like to comment.   That then goes back to the next meeting where actions are then agreed and fed back to the auspice body via the co-ordinator.  Attitude anticipates operating in a similar way.


Attitude is auspiced by Clunes Neighbourhood House.

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