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Attitude - Ageing Well in Clunes


Attitude - Ageing Well in Clunes  is a community-led initiative that focuses on providing a range of social, intellectual and physical activities for people 60+ years, although all ages are welcome.


Launched during COVID, Attitude was sparked by the dissolution of the Senior Citizen’s Club. The governance responsibilities of the Senior Citizens’ Club had become so demanding that those involved with the Club had no room left to run a full program of activities. Clearly a different way of doing things was needed.  Working together as a community, Attitude: Ageing Well in Clunes was born and hasn't looked back since!  

Read about how Attitude evolved by downloading the Prospectus.

Ageing is a process that impacts us all.  We don't want it to sneak up on us, instead we want to shape what it might mean for us all.  This means discovering what others are doing, exploring opportunities and connections, understanding what we can do ourselves, where we'll need help and who might be able to offer that. 


Attitude provides a weekly program of activities, ensuring that there is something happening at Attitude at least 5 days a week. It has brought new life to the purpose-built Senior Citizens' Centre (renamed to Attitude: Ageing Well in Clunes) and is paving the way for a different, sustainable approach to positive ageing that is led by community.

Click the PDF icon below for a copy of the current program.  You can register or book (and pay if that applies) into activities online, via telephone or face to face or visit BOOM Clunes, 28 Fraser Street on a Friday or Saturday to speak to someone direct.  

Current Program                           

Regular activities and

special events -

all welcome 


Attitude operates much like a Men's Shed.  The program is determined by people interested in running activities or events.  At Attitude a regular working bee (date published in program) meets each quarter to develop the next Program of activities.  


Anyone interested is welcome to be a part of the Attitude Working Party, simply contact us at  

Ageing Well Report Image.png

Attitude is a timely and practical example of how people are responding to the issues of ageing well in their local communities in this country and around the world (click on this link or the image of a report by the Commissioner of Senior Victorians that tackles ageing well head on).


As you read this report you'll find out more about why what we are doing at Attitude is creating a core of capability in this town around ageing well. 


Get involved with Attitude and journey with us as we try to discover if that can be built on and strengthened through strategic partnerships and smart projects.

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