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Getting a QR Code App

Check to see if your smartphone already has a QR Code reader app installed.  Some do.  App names usually contain the words “QR code reader” or “QR code scanner”.

For Android, the free app from Trend Micro seems to offer extra security, without all the pop-up ads.  But pretty much any free reader (for either iPhone or Android) should do.

If you don’t have an app, do the usual:  

  1. Go to Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iPhone).  

  2. Search for “QR code” or “QR code reader”

  3. Select an app and click Install.

To use the QR Reader app:

  1. Open the app from your touchscreen.

  2. Line up the QR code square inside the square on your smartphone app.  When you’ve got it within focus, the app will take the picture automatically — no click required — and sends the results to your phone’s web browser. (If you have more than one phone browser installed, you could get asked  to select which one to use.)

  3. Once your browser opens the matching web page, click the Play icon to listen. 

  4. Check that your phone volume is turned-up.  


  1. If you can click Play, but still don’t hear any sound:

  2. Click the Download symbol on the page

  3. From the options, Select “View”, not “Download”

  4. Click Play again, and listen

  5. If you are having trouble call 03 53454078 and leave a message. We won’t be able to call you back straight away, but we will be able to ring you and help talk you through it over the phone.

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