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Sort My Sh#t Out - a 2 month challenge

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Stay at home, feel good and get on top of the crap weighing you down.

Everybody has sh#t in their life that they have always wanted to get around to sorting out. Now is the time to get on top of that, but let's face it, sometimes doing things alone sucks. Especially now. Nevermind, we have a solution...

No toilet paper needed. Just a to-do list and a 'helping hand' via the phone to help keep you focused and celebrate each win

Sort my Sh#t Out is a two month challenge that you can start any time.

How does it work?

Using a personal plan to help you prioritise what you want to do, we'll connect you with a phone mentor who'll talk confidentially with you about your plan and ways to keep focused.

All you have to do is register now by clicking on the challenge in Activities on our website, or simply calling 03 5345 4078 and leaving a message.


Staying at home is weird for some of us. It helps to think of it as an opportunity. Having someone on the phone to talk to is a handy way of keeping us motivated, but it'll also reduce isolation. We might even be able to find other remote ways to move sh#t on as a group if there are common things that are driving us all nuts!

Do I have to do it with a mentor?

Heck no! We included a copy of the personal plan in the Clunes Newsletter so everyone who received that has a copy. Or you can just make your own to-do list at home and stick to it. Whatever works best for you!

Remember: this challenge is about getting on top of the little things that really sh#t you. Our phone mentor is not a qualified counsellor. If anything crops up for you that might need greater support, then we encourage you to access professional services.

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