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Let's Talk - walk the talk

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Creating a story walk around our town is a simple way to keep us all busy - and planning for the future.

Clunes Neighbourhood House is using this time to put in place an idea lots of people have mentioned for a long time - creating a story walk around Clunes using QR codes.

Do you have a story about Clunes that you want to tell? It could be some history, an anecdote or even a tall tale.

Our project is called Walk the Talk, but while Stage 3 restrictions are in place, we are focusing on the Talk, rather than the Walk. Here is how it works...

Call or Email us

You can do all of this from home. All you need to do is have a story you want to tell, or an interesting fact, and the exact location that story relates to. Call us or email and we'll compile your story for you.

Sound File

Then one of our trusty, talented volunteers will create a sound file and we'll match that sound file to a QR code. Down the track we'll be able to add some bells and whistles, such as pictures, but for now we are just sticking with the basics.

QR Codes

Then, thanks to the Men's Shed, we've got little blue, wooden signs that we can attach a code to, so you can scan it and listen to stories. These signs aren't fancy, but they work! You'll see a few of them popping up already around town. Down the track we'll work to find a way to make these more swanky.

Our first story is a short potted history of 70 Bailey Street, Clunes. Scan this QR Code to hear about a life of education, industry and now community.

Stories are a way of people connecting. We can't do that face to face at the moment, but we can do it remotely. Stories are also a way of passing on knowledge and history. Your tales don't have to be true. They could be a good yarn or anecdote that you think people would enjoy hearing.

Ultimately Walk the Talk could be the basis for a guided walk around our town. Suitable for tourists and residents alike.

At the moment, staying at home is more important than looking for signs, but now is the perfect time to ring or email us with a story! So call 5345 4078 and leave a message now.

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