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Doing it Tough - Together

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

It's a harsh reality, but at some point everyone of us is going to need some help as a result of this pandemic. Experts suggest that it'll hit us all in different ways - emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. So having local access to emergency relief is important - and NOW WE DO!

Photo: Maria Lin Kim via Unsplash.

In a Clunes-first, Anglicare Victoria, supported by a COVID-19 Community Support grant from Hepburn Shire Council, has partnered with Clunes Neighbourhood House to provide:

  • Food vouchers (redeemable at the Clunes IGA)

  • Food hampers

  • Fire wood vouchers (redeemable at the Clunes Valley of Gold Petrol Station)

This relief program is significant. It means if you need help, you don't have to find a way to travel out of Clunes to access help. It also means that when you tap into help, the vouchers you use, help the businesses in our town as well. It's a win win for our little town.

How do you access support?

Pop up to Clunes Neighbourhood House (the office is now in one of the containers at the back of the building) on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10am - 11am. Alternatively ring our office on 5345 4078 and leave a message. We'll just need you to fill in a short form for Anglicare Victoria including your CRN number (if you have one), and then can link you up with what you need.

Other help

Bills are biting at the moment too. If you have utility bills you are struggling with, pop up and see us. We can assist you to apply for a Utility Grant (subject to guidelines).

OR via Clunes Primary School

If you are a Clunes Primary School family, we've made this process a bit easier for you. You can access this support directly via the school. Just speak with your teacher or call the office at 5345 3182.

Want to Pay it Forward?

Lastly, you might not need financial help, but giving to others would help ease your concerns about those in our community who are doing it tough? Email and we'll share with you some of the ways you can help others in our community.

Times are genuinely tough. So there is something uplifting about knowing that by working smartly with others, we can find a way to ride this all out together.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort

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