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Leaving Nothing to Chance

Having the right attitude to age well isn’t something you should leave to chance. In Clunes, a group of community members came together during COVID to make sure that activities and services that stimulate the mind, keep you physically active, connect you to others and link you to support were strengthened so that people 60+ had local choices. Their approach – called Attitude: Ageing Well in Clunes - has been highly innovative.

Today, Attitude’s inaugural February – April program for 2021 was posted online. Copies of the program are being printed currently and will be posted to households next week so that everyone can see the range of activities on offer. Activities are focused on people aged 60+, but are open to all ages to enjoy.

Highlights include activities starting this week, such as:

  • Clunes Historical Walks: departing tomorrow from the Senior Citizens’ Centre at 2pm. Join Graeme Johnstone as he takes you on a tour of the many pubs that once filled the streets of our little village.

  • Midweek Movies (Monthly): take in two romantic comedies on Wednesday night at 6.45pm including Bogart and Bacall in To Have and Have Not, and Bringing Up Baby. Both cinematic classics are directed by Howard Hawkes.

To book into either of these activities – or many of those listed in the program – simply call Lois on 0467331136. You’ll note that many of the activities are free. Attitude have actively sought partnership and opportunities where cost isn’t a barrier to getting involved.

Doing it Differently

Attitude is an innovative twist on activity or community groups focused on the needs of older people. Rather than forming an organisation or administrative laden community group (particularly challenging with COVID risks to manage), they’ve created a network of motivated people who understand what is needed. They’ve then linked with Clunes Neighbourhood House to provide the administrative capacity through an auspice arrangement.

This means that those involved focus their energies on where they can have the greatest impact; both in terms of leading the activities and also in terms of participating. This was a learning shared by the past Senior Citizens’ Centre who advised that in the end, the governance and administrative burdens of running a club ultimately led to them winding up.

COVID showed all of us that life is too short and it really encouraged this group of community members to think differently. To find out more about Attitude browse their prospectus (containing interesting statistics about our ageing population and further background about this emerging network.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort.

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