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Let Your Light Shine!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Do you love decorating your house for Christmas? Or perhaps your letterbox, or even your front gate? Get into the spirit of Christmas this year by entering our (now annual) "Let your Light Shine" Competition.

Whether you try something traditional, add in humour or just opt for some serious Christmas bling - you'll be guaranteed to make more than just a few people smile this Christmas. Who knows? You may even one of this year's competition winners!

There are three categories to keep it simple - and country. After all, not everyone has a letterbox or even a house close enough to the road to see the lights!

*Best House Lights $100 Cash Prize and vouchers

*Best Gate - $50 Cash Prize and vouchers

*Best Letterbox - '$50 Cash Prize and vouchers

Simply enter by clicking emailing We'll then incorporate your address into this map that is pinned to the top of our facebook page - Christmas Lights 2023 - Google My Maps. For those who just love looking at lights, keep revisiting the map as more addresses are added to it!!

Winners will be announced on Monday, 18th December 2023 and published on our facebook page that day. So, make sure you like and follow our page to know if you are the winner or not. Not on Facebook? Never mind. If your address is in the map we know where to deliver your prize lol!

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