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No Hiding Clunes Community Spirit

COVID-19 may have halted many of our favourite events and activities for 2020, but the creativity that inspires them is hard to mask (too much?).

Last week our resident costume designer, Mel Drummond helped us create a few safe - and fabulous - looks to celebrate some of the community activities that make Clunes a great place to live.

Ribbons supplied: Deb Bright. Costume courtesy: Mel Drummond. Thanks: Emma.

Clunes Show, Clunes District & Agricultural of Society

This year would have been the 160th Clunes Show. The pandemic has pushed this celebration to 2021, but the Clunes District & Agricultural Society have announced they'll still be making the 160th Clunes Show one to remember.

Christmas in Clunes

Meanwhile current transmissions mean Christmas in Clunes is likely to be a very different kind of celebration this year. Everyone's safety will be paramount - but that doesn't mean we can't find the ingenuity to make sure there is still some serious Clunes Christmas cheer.

Photo supplied: Emma Jedwab. Costume courtesy: Mel Drummond. Thanks: Gill.

Annual events aren't the only reason Clunes is a great place to live. In Clunes we have more than 40 active community groups and a higher than average rate of volunteerism. COVID-19 has meant many groups are inactive currently or are exploring ways to adapt. One of the first groups to re-activate after the first lock down was the Men's Shed.

Men's Shed

Wednesday may be the last Men's Shed gathering for a while, but there is no doubt that the men in Clunes will be quick to re-open once it's safe to do so.

Photo supplied: Emma Jedwab. Costume courtesy: Mel Drummond. Thanks: Keith.

Community Garden/Gardening Group

During the previous round of stage 3 restrictions the community garden and #FoodisFree stall at the back of Clunes Neighbourhood House, 70 Bailey Street really started to transform. Adapting quickly, the volunteers found safe ways (within guidelines) to maintain and grow the garden.

Photo supplied: Emma Jedwab. Costumes: Mel Drummond. Thanks: Carmel, Dale & David.

Our world has significantly changed. It is going to be different for a long time to come. But the work ethic and creative spirit that is such a big part the Clunes community is not hidden, it's just adapting.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort

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