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Opportunity for Clunes

The world of work is changing. Jobs are evolving and opportunities are cropping up for regional people that might not have happened in the past – and amongst this, are real benefits for Clunes.

Deb Bright, Co-ordinator at Clunes Neighbourhood House and a Good Sam, worked with Ambulance Victoria and our local library to help get the 'word on the street' about these job opportunities.

Employment Opportunity with Ambulance Victoria in Clunes

Did you know that Clunes now has an Ambulance Victoria paramedic based in town? They are looking for Community Officers to work on-call shifts (minimum 20 hours – but you can nominate your availability) to accompany the paramedic on calls.

You need to:

- Be 18 years or older

- Have a current drivers licence (probationary is fine)

- Undergo a driver’s check and police check

- Pass basic literacy assessment – communication is a big part of the role!

- Participate in ongoing continual vocational training

- Be Clunes based – within 8 kms

If you are keen but not sure how to apply? Do you need help with your application? Call 53454078. Alternatively visit Ambulance Victoria’s careers website at

How Ambulance Victoria has Worked with Clunes

Clunes Neighbourhood House has worked extensively with Ambulance Victoria over the years. During the pandemic Ambulance Victoria helped us increase the number of defibrillators in town and assists us service those defibrillators when they’ve been used. Ambulance Victoria also offered a series of first aid, snake bite and heart health sessions to the community. In the thick of restrictions many of these sessions were held outside to maximise COVID-safety. During this time a number of our community members put their hand up to become Good Sam’s – responding to call outs when defibrillators are used in the community. Combined these opportunities have helped strengthen our community, but there is no doubt that this latest opportunity, is particularly exciting!

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort.

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