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Strengths Wheel

Remember the character strengths survey you completed? Hopefully, you have your list of your own unique key character strengths handy, because we’re going to use them now.

Using the strengths wheel (below) you’re going to think about your top five identified traits to create a graphical representation of how you use these existing strengths, and how much potential there is to use each. It will show you at a glance which of your strengths you could use more, and make a starting point for thinking about how to optimise any under-utilised strengths.

How to use the strengths wheel:

Consider a specific context, for example, work or your own business. The circle's centre represents a score of '0', while the outer rim represents '10'. Taking one of your identified strengths at a time, mark two points in each segment of the circle: one for how much you currently use that strength in a specific context (e.g., work) and another for how much potential there is to use it more in that context. Then, connect the two marks to form a triangle.

A larger gap between current use and scope means more potential for using that strength further. For example, if a completed graph shows small arrows close to the circle's centre for strengths like social intelligence and leadership, it indicates that these strengths aren't utilised much and don't have much growth potential. (This pattern may be evident for people who dislike their jobs, and it can be eye-opening to see their strengths plotted this way.)

The graph also highlights areas for growth, like gratitude and love of learning, where there's room for more use, as shown by the larger grey triangles. However, if an arrow points in the opposite direction, such as in the case of humour, it suggests potential overuse in a specific context. Overusing a strength can diminish its benefits, so it's essential to manage it appropriately based on the situation and context.

strengths wheel
Download PDF • 72KB

Download and print out the attached strengths wheel to create your own unique version. What does your strengths wheel look like? Are there any obvious areas you could enhance?

Funded by the State Government of Victoria, Business Victoria, Mental Wellbeing of Businesses Grant Round 2.

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