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Stronger Together 13 - 19 May '24

In Victoria alone, there are more than 400 Neighbourhood Houses. These houses form a tight network of community-led organisations that focus on nurturing people and place.

While Neighbourhood Houses across the country all look very different, the basic principles that underpin how a House works with its community are the same. Each House starts with the assumption that communities have existing strengths and assets that make them part of the solution – and then together, they work from there.


In an average week, more than 200,000 people visit their Neighbourhood House each week.  Some of those Houses are rural and operate like Clunes, and others are really different, reflecting their more urban environment.   All share a constituted purpose to help actively care for all people and place.

How we are celebrating Neighbourhood House Week?

This week as we mark Neighbourhood House week across Australia, we are launching a new series of online stories introducing you to the people and activity that happens at your House in Clunes.  


Clunes Neighbourhood House was formally founded in 1992 (after operating informally before then) and incorporated in 2007 by local people seeking to provide community development opportunities to lessen social isolation and foster inclusion.​


Clunes Neighbourhood House is funded to deliver 30 hours of activity a week. Currently we operate activities 7 days a week, delivering out of more than 6 different facilities. It's a big stretch, but one that is made possible because of the active involvement of so many people in our community.


Follow this series to find out what’s involved behind the scenes to make many of those activities possible.


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