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Well-being Works

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Each of us have a sense of our own well-being that shifts over time. Decades ago, the role of work in contributing to our well-being was not something we’d ever think about; but that has dramatically changed and now we all accept that a person’s well-being involves many different ‘slices’ that contribute to the whole.

Photo supplied by: Caju Gomes

At BOOM Clunes we’ve been experimenting with how a space and reflections can contribute to a person’s well-being. We've had such great feedback to them that we've decided to re-post them here and this is the first one.

Slices of a Fulfilling Life: exploring well-being

Well-being is like the overall health of your life. It's not just about feeling happy; it's about how good you feel in different ways. Imagine your life as a pie, and each slice represents a part of your well-being:

· Physical Well-being: This slice is all about your body. It's about feeling fit, having energy, and staying healthy. It's when you're not just alive but thriving.

· Mental Well-being: This slice is about your mind. It's feeling mentally sharp, having good concentration, and being able to handle stress and challenges without feeling utterly overwhelmed.

· Emotional Well-being: This is all about your feelings. It's about experiencing a range of emotions, from joy to sadness, and being able to manage them in a healthy way. It's like having an emotional toolkit to navigate life's ups and downs.

· Social Well-being: This slice is about your relationships and connections with others. It's feeling supported by friends and family, having people you can talk to, and feeling like you belong somewhere.

· Purpose and Meaning: This slice is the heart of the pie. It's about having goals and a sense of direction in life. It's feeling like what you do matters and has a purpose. This might work, volunteering or helping people around you by being part of your community.

When all these slices of well-being come together in a balanced way, you feel you have a full and satisfying life and are better able to weather the stresses that will come your way. It's not just about being happy all the time; it's about feeling good in all these different areas. So, well-being is like making sure all the pieces of your life's pie are in harmony, creating a delicious and fulfilling experience.

Science Behind This!

Through this series of posts, we’re going to explore the science behind well-being using psychologist Martin Seligman’s PERMA+ Model. It consists of five essential elements: Positive Emotions (P), Engagement (E), Relationships (R), Meaning (M), and Accomplishment (A). These components represent key facets of a flourishing life. Positive Emotions involve cultivating joy and contentment; Engagement focuses on being fully absorbed in activities; Relationships highlight the importance of social connections; Meaning relates to having a sense of purpose and values; and Accomplishment centres on achieving goals and a sense of competence. The Plus (+) represents other important areas such as optimism, nutrition, physical activity and sleep. The PERMA+ Model acts as a roadmap for individuals and communities to pursue greater happiness and well-being and each area is equally important to our mental well-being.

Keep an eye out for each post in the series each week. If you aren't already a subscriber to our site you can register here so that you'll automatically receive these articles as they are published. These articles have been funded by the Victorian Government’s Mental Health for Business Communities Program.

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