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Wrong, Wrong and Right

Adjusting to life with face masks is a challenge we all have to embrace. Whether it's chafing ears, a smothered feeling, uncomfortable fabric or a mask that creeps up your face while you talk (yep - been there); it's pretty unanimous that face masks are something it'll take a while to get used to.

Fortunately there are countless tips available (especially on social media) to help you make good mask choices.

Photo supplied: Emma Jedwab. Costumes courtesy: Mel Drummond.

Disposable or Cloth?

Turns out Carnivale masks left over from Christmas in Clunes are not COVIDsafe. Visit the Victorian State Government website for the best advice.

How not to Wear a Mask?

If your eyes are covered, you are doing something wrong. We figured you'd probably work that one out for yourself, but in the interests of being thorough we thought we'd include it. Don't wear it under your nose. Cover your chin. Don't hang it off your ear... you get our drift.

When do I have to Wear a Mask?

Unless an exception applies, you must wear a face covering when you leave your home. If in doubt, check the frequently asked questions on the above website and until you know for sure, err on the side of caution. On the plus side. You no longer need to shave or wear lipstick.

Where can I get a Mask?

In Clunes you can buy disposable masks at the Clunes IGA, Clunes Top Shop and the Clunes Pharmacy. People are selling fabric masks online (see Clunes Online Noticeboard) and a very generous local has been making free masks and distributing them via the Clunes Newsagency. A team has also be making them available via our #FoodisFree stand here at Clunes Neighbourhood House.

So masks might be with us for a long while. No doubt we'll deal, and once we get the swing of it, do it with style. Will wearing them feel weird? Yep. Will they feel uncomfortable over an extended period of time? If experience this morning is anything to go by - absolutely. Will you get used to it? We certainly hope so.

But is it worth the discomfort? Hell yeah, if it keeps you, your family and our community safe.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort

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