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Christmas. Something to Look Forward to.

Making plans during a pandemic sucks. You can try to put a positive spin on it or use the word ‘pivot’ prodigiously, but sucks has a better ring to it. However, despite knowing that regular lockdowns and tight restrictions might be needed to keep us all safe for many months to come, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Photo supplied by Ann Jeffree.

Christmas is coming, and while we might not be able to predict circumstances, we do know that it’s an occasion that will never be cancelled (even if we end up doing it a bit differently!). So with that surety, what does Christmas in Clunes 2021 bring?

Street Decorations

Christmas decorations will begin to go up in Fraser Street in November. We are about to convert one of the containers at Clunes Neighbourhood House into a Christmas warehouse and are checking every garland, wreath and light to see if it needs a little love and red ribbon before we move them down to the street. It’ll take several evenings (when the street is quiet, and restrictions allow) to put all the decorations in place and test the lights.

Lights Competition

With an online map and prizes for the best lights, best gate, and best letterbox we all have an excuse to get the Christmas decorations out and to go for a drive.

…and here’s our (yes - eye roll!) pivot.

Planning a Christmas Parade feels a bit unwise this year (so much work to risk if restrictions shift), but we can plan a Christmas Dinner on the first Friday of December. Creating a safe opportunity for people to sit down with their neighbours in our beautiful street might be the perfect alternative? Something with a very local feel, involving local businesses, maybe some music or circus and a hint of the healing that comes with Christmas? Add in an excuse to dress up (after all Clunes Neighbourhood House have a container office full of Christmas costumes and a resident designer on hand) and maybe a few more prizes and it could be fun for all!

Interested in being involved - particularly for the Friday night event?

Email Deb at so you can join the team. Think of it as community party planning with a covid-safe twist, and space to plan for more twists if we have to. Join us in the fun because if there is one thing we know is coming; it’s Christmas.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort.

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