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Feel the Joy of Giving

Do you remember the excitement of opening a door on your advent calendar as a child? This Christmas, through our partnerships, we are turning hampers into reverse advent calendars. Why?

Two reasons really. There is something joyful about giving. We sometimes forget when we get caught up in the "What do you want for Christmas?" spiral that picking a gift, and just giving can be fun. This year, in partnership with the Hepburn Shire Council, the Daylesford Good Grub Club and Anglicare Victoria, we are doing this by turning hampers into Reverse Advent calendars.

How does it work?

You can pick up a Reverse Advent box from the IGA, Post Office, Newsagent or Clunes Neighbourhood House. The idea is that you fill it with a little gift each day over 20 days, and return it Clunes Neighbourhood House on the 17th December, 2020. The items you can add don't have to be big or costly (we recommend spending around $50 in total). Each box comes with suggestions but you can let your imagination run wild! Then with the help of the Clunes Football and Netball Club we are going to deliver them to households (individuals and families) who are having a tough run of it.

Which leads us to the second reason we are doing this. Receiving hampers can be invaluable when food scarcity is an issue, but by nature of the process, it isn't food that you get to choose. Hampers usually focus on essentials. But sometimes you just need a treat. Something that makes the person receiving it smile, as well as the person giving it. That's what Reverse Advent boxes are all about! As mentioned, we'll distribute the boxes but if you might have a neighbour or friend you'd like us to make an 'anonymous' delivery too - let us know? That can add another fun twist to this, meaning you get to pick little gifts with that person in mind. Whatever works, just let us know.

So why wait? Get your Reverse Advent box now.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort.

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