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Need a Pep up?

For many, 2022 has begun without the optimism that usually marks the beginning of a new year. It’s a weird time as COVID cases rise and we grapple with the rapid shifts that are happening around us. So it's time to get our peptides on side!

Why Fitness is More Important Now Than Ever

On one hand, we know we are equipped to deal with the pandemic. The majority of us are vaccinated. We are familiar with covid-safe practices (masks, socialising outdoors). This new variant, while highly contagious, seems to be less severe than Delta. If there was ever a time that this pandemic was really going to hit us, then surely these things are all on our side?

The answer is probably yes – but that doesn’t mean these times aren't stressful. They just are, and that is where our peptides can be an asset. Yes. Peptides. Those happy hormones that kick in when we get our endorphins going.

Fit for Free – Summer Program

Clunes has been clever about investing in strategies that will help us all get through this pandemic together. When we needed help financially, we boosted our emergency relief by partnering with Anglicare Victoria. When we were nervous getting out, we introduced Wellness Days on the grounds of Neighbourhood House to practice, safe socialising. When facilities supporting social connections, particularly for older people (many of whom live alone in our community), threatened to close, Attitude – Ageing Well in Clunes was born.

All those initiatives have helped us weather the pandemic so far. This summer, with the help of the Creswick & District Community Bank, we are taking it to the next level.

Helping your Endorphins Kick In

Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system to cope with pain or stress. Life at the best of times can be stressful. But when you add in COVID, constantly having to adapt and all the accumulated ‘things’ that have occurred over the last few years, then it’s not surprising that many of us are feeling a bit frazzled physically and mentally.

Enter, “Fit for Free” – a summer program of free group exercise in Clunes.

Sponsored by the Creswick & District Community Bank* and Belle Property Group**, Clunes is now offering four free group exercise sessions a week for the summer. Designed for all ages and levels of fitness, these sessions are run at different locations around town and provide people with a chance to:

- Get fit

- Meet people

- Have a laugh (it’s inevitable – not all of us can be coordinated)

- …and stop thinking for at least 60 minutes while you concentrate on getting each exercise right! (Did I mention not all of us can be coordinated?).

How to register?

Visit and register your details. You don’t have to turn up to every session, but it just helps us know if you have any particular injuries and how to contact you (ie if the weather is going to be a pain). Then that’s it. All you need to do is turn up.

Which activities would suit me?

If you have an injury and need to build up your fitness, the Wednesday Strength Class at Attitude – Ageing Well in Clunes, 25 Fraser Street is ideal for you. This class is great for those seeking to build and maintain balance and strength. All you really need to bring is water to keep hydrated. These classes are currently funded by Hepburn Shire Council. Commencing Wednesday, 12th January.

If you are just unfit, or seeking to keep fit, then the Tuesday and Thursday Bootcamps are the way to go. You’ll need a yoga mat (for ground work), comfy clothes and water to keep hydrated. These sessions are funded by the Creswick & District Community Bank* and delivered by skilled trainer, Loaded Performance at the Football and Netball ground. Commencing Tuesday, 11th January and Thursday, 13th January.

If you are a bit of everything (ha!), then Thursday’s water exercise is just the thing for you. At Clunes pool from 12noon – 1pm this session is kindly run by a local volunteer. These sessions started on Thursday, 6th January.

At a time when it feels like many normal opportunities aren’t easily available, all these classes are. So why not come along and try them out?

*When you bank with the Bendigo Bank, you make it possible for them to help support programs like this for our community. **Huge thanks to Belle Property Group Daylesford for their help with signage and promotion.

AUTHOR: Lana de Kort.

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