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#FoodisFree - but take precautions

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Sharing is important. But so is everyone's safety...

There is something special about #FoodisFree. Now, more than ever the idea of being able to share food, avoid waste and help people access supplies is especially meaningful. But it isn't without it's complications, so let's brainstorm a few solutions.

#FoodisFree is more important than ever, but so is your health and safety. So here are a few things to remember...

Safe Practices

COVID-19 remains on surfaces for extended periods of time. Use gloves when picking up produce. Wash items carefully. For packaged goods, leave them in your bag for up to 3 days before getting them out and using them. If you can't do this, think creatively. Wash the box down with disinfectant, dispose of packaging and put the contents in a different container. Most importantly, don't touch your face while doing any of this and then wash your hands (thoroughly) afterwards.


Only visit #FoodisFree if you are already out for an essential purpose. Maintain physical distance from others if someone else is there. Staying at home safe is always better.

More Help: Anglicare

It's OK to ask for help. #FoodisFree is handy, but if you think there is even a remote possibility that getting the basics on your family's table is going to get harder, then ask for help now. Services like Anglicare (just call 5333 0600) and Hepburn Health both offer emergency support. You might not need anything currently, but they'll be able to tell you if you can register for help down the track if it becomes necessary.

Lastly, #BeKind. Lots of us have been impacted by what is happening at the moment. #foodisfree is a no-judgement thing and for many, being able to share food helps make us all feel a little more human.

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