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Builing our community
Managing Culture an Volunteers
At the Clunes Neighborhood House, Child Safety Policy is a critical part of our operations. Our aim is to nurture safe and supportive networks for children, their families within our organisation, and across community.
Learn more about our child safety code of conduct by clicking here

Creating culture:  good culture is underpinned by good practices.  Your policies and procedures are important.  But thinking strategically about this helps you decide what culture is right for your group or organisation, and why.  We find this overview handy for our committee, and new volunteers when explaining why we operate the way we do.

Induction:  all our volunteers, including new committee members, complete our operational induction.  People process information a little differently, so when we induct volunteers we do that differently too.

  1. Form online: this application/registration form contains everything our volunteers, and we need to know.  It's a simple google doc, meaning all the information is collated automatically and can be exported as a spreadsheet.  Embeded within it are links to the following videos.  


The examples we’ve put up are documents that might be useful to other community groups and could be readily replicated/copied.  All we ask is that you recognise our work and send us an email at giving us your feedback and permission to use your comments.